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Max fic for the holidays?

Hello all! I've been a quiet little lurker of late, but I wanted to alert my fellow fans of the Headroom to a couple of possibilities for fan fiction.

First of all, The Yuletide 2008 Obscure Fandom Fanfic Exchange is open for participant signups until 9pm Eastern time on Monday, November 10th. Max did indeed make it onto the list of requested fandoms, so you can request a piece of fan fiction, offer to write some or both! Yuletide is great fun and a wonderful way to both give and get a little fannish present.

Secondly, smallfandomfest has started accepting prompt submissions for their fourth small fandom ficathon, and will continue to do so until the 21st. A few MH prompts have already been submitted, but more would be wonderful! Prompts will be up for claiming on November 23rd. You can also sign up to pimp your favorite small fandom, and I don't believe anyone's written about the folks at Network 23 yet. The deadline for both fics and pimps is January 31st.

Feel free to nudge me if you have any questions about either ficfest!
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