Rob Vincent (rob_t_firefly) wrote in maxheadroom,
Rob Vincent

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Remember when we said there was no future? Well, this is it.

A self-service gas station (petrol station) near my house recently installed TVs above all the pumps, which play a canned feed of news and advertisements for people to watch while fueling their vehicles.

One evening last week I was walking past the place and saw four or five guys finish fueling their car, replace the nozzle and gas caps and everything.. and then lean back against their car and continue to watch the pump's television, as it displayed some unimportant news about some standard Hollywood celebrities and their upcoming films.

There's something very familiar about the image of a bunch of people outdoors on a cold evening gathering around the glow of a TV on a street corner just to watch generic network fluff. I didn't think I lived in the Fringes, but it seems I'm not all that far off.
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