PeterAmthor (redtint) wrote in maxheadroom,

Costume and prop thoughts...

Been working around the idea of doing some game convention costumes with the theme of 'Combat Cameraman'. Basically the rough and tumble reporter like Edison Carter stuff.

So now I'm looking for some info:

What type of camera did Edison Carter carry? If you don't know the brand or model just pointing me at something as close to it as possible would really help. Been looking over Ebay for days but there are just so many damn camera's on there.

These costumes are going to be more cyberpunkish than they were on the show. Going to add in some wires, a keyboard attached to the leg via velcro etc. Anybody got any other ideas what would look good?

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I remember the style well, a simple video camera from the late 70's or early 80's would suffice, it needs to be on the bulky side and not like what's currently available. Something like an RCA COLOR VIDEO CAMERA CC~010, or a PANASONIC PV-6600 (both currently on eBay)and sprayed matt black. It's gotta be about 16 inches long, 5 or 6 inches tall and wide. Sits on the shoulder and the eyepiece comes out of the side rather than the back. Oh, and a handle on top to carry as you make a quick exist out the back door!

Much appreciated. I've found a few camera types that sorta fit the bill but nothing really good during my searches. But then again I've little or no knowledge of cameras.
There was actually the spides (I forgoet which one, I think it was in "War") where a reporter had a rifle cam she used in the field, in which the magazine was swappable tapes.

That might be a route to go as well.

Wrist mounted keybaord is probably a bit more functional - you can pick up small portables.

Check out some of the Wearables that MIT, Steve Mann and his Toronto students and various other groups are using for some inspiration.
The rifle cam could work with some mods so it doesn't look so much like a gun (some of the cons I goto are really picky about that stuff). Glad you mentioned that, it's been a while since I've watched that episode. The swappable tape part would be neat with some extra tapes carried around.

Do you have a URL for a site where I can find some of these wearable items. Ebay either pulls up nothing or thousands of things that aren't what I'm looking for.
Yeah - do a google search for "Wearable Computers"

Here are the first few hits -
Thanks a plenty.
hehe - spides = episode. ;)