jill: the voyeur of utter destruction as beauty (cabaretlights) wrote in maxheadroom,
jill: the voyeur of utter destruction as beauty

Max Headroom on eBay

New poster here -- unfortunately I was too young to catch Max Headroom on its first run, but after running into Matt Frewer elsewhere a couple years ago, I was determined to somehow get ahold of this series. After much searching, I came across some good luck, which I figured I'd share with the rest of the class!

Someone on eBay has gotten together the complete series along with a bunch of extras (including both the UK and US versions of the original story), and has made a large number of 4DVD sets. I ordered one awhile ago, and I can vouch for its quality. Not perfect, but it's more than adequate until an official release.

Here is a link to the current auction, but whenever they are sold out the seller starts a new one. Just search for Max Headroom and you should find it!
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